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Market Yourself as an Applicant

You have a strong CV, and you think you’ve got your interview skills up to scratch, but there’s a lot more to job hunting than these most obvious fundamentals. You want to give yourself the best possible odds of being successful, but how do you go about it? A good starting point is having a positive attitude and getting a handle on the various elements of the application process. Here are nine aspects that we think you should keep in mind throughout, from the moment you start looking for potential employers, to writing your CV, and during the interview itself. TIP # 1 Being aware of your USP’s, and knowing what makes you stand out from the rest of the pack is the key to improving your chances. Just like any business, as a job seeker, you also aim to achieve the goal of selling yourself. Pinpointing your personal USP’s will allow you to sell yourself during any job application process. TIP # 2 From…

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Relocating to Australia

Looking to move abroad? Relocating to begin a new job is a life changing decision, whether you are just moving cities, or half way around the world to a different country. For some, the dream of experiencing a different culture and learning a new language could be the motivation. For others, it might just be the desire to seek out a better lifestyle, a warmer climate, to advance career prospects or find a higher paying position. For future career prospects, it is often accepted that those who are internationally mobile have an advantage. Relocation can spur a more rapid rise up the career ladder than those who need to stay in a specific location. The iGaming industry offers a wide variety of opportunities to be part of a diverse workforce in successful international companies. Regardless of what your reason is to relocate, just know that there are advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately it comes down to personal circumstances. Plus, be sure to remember your reason…

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Betting and gaming industry consolidation to create long-term growth and employment

The betting and gaming industry has been transformed over the last ten years with digital technology adoption and engagement fundamentally changing the way betting and gaming options are consumed. Because of these changes, and as taxation and the related compliance costs puts pressure on operators’ profit margins, the UK gambling industry is betting on a wave of mergers and acquisitions to secure a more lucrative future. The industry is likely to experience market share consolidation as competition intensifies further, and already a number of big deals this year include the £2.3bn alliance between Ladbrokes and Gala Coral in July, a £6bn merger of Betfair and Paddy Power in August, and GVC’s £1.1bn acquisition of bwin.party in September. Those eyeing the UK situation suggest a “mergers and acquisitions frenzy” is sweeping the UK, as key players scramble to secure their share of the growing mobile betting and gaming market. In fact, in the year to August, there were more takeovers and mergers in the UK gambling…

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