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Consultant Pricing

Introduction Fee and Replacement Guarantee Policy

We love it when our Clients are so impressed with their Consultants that they want to hire them!

1. Capitalised terms used in this Introduction Fee and Replacement Guarantee Policy (Policy) and not otherwise defined have the same meaning as given to them in the Client Terms.
2. Pursuant to the Client Terms, for so long as you:
a. are registered with Digital Fuel (and for 12 months after any such registration ceases); and/or
b. engage with an Consultant made available by Digital Fuel (including by providing information to you regarding an Consultant, enabling you to identify an Consultant or otherwise causing an Consultant to be introduced to you),
you, your employees, agents, representatives or its related entities must not offer to employ, engage, solicit, induce, entice, or otherwise enter or attempt to enter into a contract for reward (directly or indirectly) with an Consultant for the performance of services, in any way other than through the Digital Fuel Services, unless you pay Digital Fuel the Introduction Fee in accordance with this Policy. This applies whether or not you already know the Consultant.
3. However, if you would like to directly employ an Consultant or engage with an Consultant directly (in other words “Directly Hire the Consultant​”) the Introduction Fee is payable to Digital Fuel in accordance with this Policy and the following terms apply: (see also our Client Terms).
Scenario 1: Direct Hiring of the Consultant after a Consultation has commenced
Where the Client wishes to Directly Hire the Consultant, the Introduction Fee (see below) applies. The Replacement Guarantee (see below) also applies but the Replacement Guarantee period will commence on the first day of the relevant Consultation, and will cease 2 months thereafter.
Scenario 2: Direct Hiring of an Consultant in any other circumstances
Where the Client wishes to Directly Hire the Consultant in any circumstances other than those described Scenario 1 (Direct Hiring of the Consultant after a Consultation has commenced), the Introduction Fee applies. The Replacement Guarantee also applies.
Replacement Guarantee
4. If an Consultant doesn’t work out, Digital Fuel will (subject to the conditions in clause 5 below) source you a new candidate to replace the Consultant:
a. In the case that the Client Directly Hires the Consultant, this replacement guarantee ​will apply for that Consultant from the date the Client Directly Hires the Consultant until 2 calendar months thereafter (unless otherwise provided for in this Policy or the Client Terms); or
b. In the case of an Consultant providing a Consultation, this replacement guarantee will apply for that Consultant from the date the Consultant commences the relevant Consultation until 2 months thereafter, (the “Replacement Guarantee”)
5. The following conditions apply to the Replacement Guarantee:
a. The Introduction Fee invoice and all Consultation invoices (as applicable) have been paid;
b. Termination is not due to:
b.i. restructuring of the role, redundancy or redeployment or the Client exiting a crucial business area, sale of the business or company or acquisition of another firm or material change of ownership; or
b.ii. The individual leaving of their own accord for any reason or a significant change in the job specification or because of misleading representations with respect to the position, its budget, duties, responsibilities, reporting lines or relationships etc;
c. We are given exclusive rights to source the replacement candidate;
d. The Client has acted reasonably and in good faith in determining that the Consultant has not worked out;
e. The Consultant has not worked for the Client for more than 2 months (i.e after 2 months’ Consultation provided by the Consultant, it’s fair to say the Client should know if the arrangement will work out);
f. If Digital Fuel is unable to source the right replacement Consultant or candidate during the Replacement Guarantee period, we will:
f.i. In the case described paragraph 4(a) above, apply the full amount of the Introduction Fee in reduction of future Service Fees incurred by the Client for services provided by Digital Fuel; or
f.ii. In the case of paragraph 4(b) above, for every week that the Consultant’s role remains unfulfilled up to a maximum of 4 weeks, Digital Fuel will apply any Service Fees (as calculated by Digital Fuel on a weekly equivalent basis) that the Client has already paid for the relevant Consultation, in reduction of future Service Fees incurred by the Client for services provided by Digital Fuel; and
g. If the Consultant does not work out and the Client does not want to fill the role, the Introduction Fee (or in the case of 4(b) above the Service Fees) shall not be refunded or applied in reduction of future Service Fees.
Introduction Fee
6. Our Introduction Fee ​is 15% of the total projected first year remuneration package for the Consultant (including base salary, superannuation, guaranteed bonus and any other benefits provided to the Consultant) or if the Consultant or individual is retained under an independent contract or consultancy services agreement, 15% of the total project first year of services fees and benefits payable under that agreement, and is exclusive of GST (or otherwise such other rate or amount as you and Digital Fuel may agree in writing).
7. Payment of Introduction Fees: Digital Fuel will issue a tax invoice for the Introduction Fee upon the Consultant or candidate accepting an offer from the Client. The Client must pay the Introduction Fee within 14 days of the invoice.
8. If you wish to Directly Hire the Consultant on a casual employment arrangement, the Introduction Fee shall be 15% of the wages paid to that Consultant (Casual Introduction Fee​) (or such other rate or amount as you and Digital Fuel may agree in writing). The Client shall provide Digital Fuel with a monthly report evidencing the number of casual hours worked and paid for the prior month, by the 5th day of each month. The Casual Introduction Fee will be invoiced by Digital Fuel and must be paid by the Client within 14 days of the date of the invoice. There is no replacement guarantee applicable where you Directly Hire the Consultant on a casual employment arrangement.
If you have any questions or enquiries in relation to this Policy, kindly email hello@digitalfuel.com.au or call our team on
(+61) 280 840 401

Pricing & Payments Procedures

Our Pricing & Payments Procedures may be updated from time to time. We will notify you of any material changes by posting the new Pricing & Payments Procedures on the Site. You are advised to consult this document regularly for any changes.


It is free to join Digital Fuel as a Client or an Consultant and there are no charges to post projects or to submit expressions of interest to work on projects.
The cost to deliver projects depends on the time and complexity of work, the client’s budget and Consultants’ market rates. Clients can indicate a budget in their project briefs. It is usual practise for Consultants and Clients to then discuss pricing alongside the scoping of the project and agreeing upon deliverables. The Digital Fuel team can provide guidance to clients upfront regarding the usual price range for different projects types.
Digital Fuel charges a base rate of 15% on top of a Consultants’ rates. We provide a platform and community where you can quickly and efficiently find, engage and pay high quality Consultants.

Invoicing & Payments Process

Pricing and payments timeframes/milestones are agreed and formalised in a contract on the Digital Fuel platform before work begins. The Client and Consultant will agree whether payments will be made on a variable basis (monthly, weekly, daily or hourly) or on a fixed basis (based on deliverables and payments linked to milestones). Please note, projects less than $5,000 value (excluding commission) must be paid upfront. Payments will be held in escrow and only released to the relevant Consultant upon confirmation from the Client that the Services have been satisfactorily delivered to the Client.

Variable projects

Consultants submit a payment claim for Services via the Digital Fuel platform.
Digital Fuel has two cut-off dates every month where we process Consultants’ payment claims. The cut-off dates are on the middle Friday (closest to 14th of each month) and last Friday of each month. Approximately every 3 months, one invoice period will cover a 3 week period.
Payment claims can be submitted anytime until midnight AEST on the relevant cut-off date. Digital Fuel will send payment claims via email on the next business day (usually a Monday) to Clients for approval subject to the Consultant submitting a valid payment claim including in accordance with the project’s requirements and other requirements requested by the Client (timesheets, expense receipts etc.).
If the Client does not either approve or dispute the payment claim within five (5) business days from the date Digital Fuel emails the payment claim to the Client, the payment claim will be deemed to have been approved by the Client.
If the Client disputes the payment claim, the Consultant will liaise with the Client and based on such liaison, the Consultant will provide an amended payment claim to the Client via the Digital Fuel platform.
Payments are released to Consultants 10 business days after the relevant payment claim cut-off date provided in each case that the Client has not disputed the invoice and Digital Fuel has received payment in cleared funds in respect of the invoice.
Digital Fuel works with Clients to facilitate prompt payment of invoices.

Fixed deliverable projects

Consultants will submit a payment claim upon agreed milestones and/or at the completion of deliverables as agreed with the Client in the Project Contract on the Digital Fuel platform.
Projects less than $5,000 value must be paid upfront. Payments will be held in escrow and only released to the relevant Consultant upon confirmation from the Client that the Services have been satisfactorily delivered to the Client.

Disputes around quality of work

Clients should let the Consultant and our team know promptly if expectations aren’t being met. Consultants are responsible for ensuring that Clients’ expectations are met in their delivery of Services.

Payment Methods

Client payments can be made through a number of mechanisms such as credit card or bank transfers. Our system utilizes industry-leading security measures, so you can feel comfortable that the payment is secure. Clients receive a confirmation and receipt for transactions and records of transactions can be found on the client dashboard.
Consultants in Australia can be paid by direct bank deposit or PayPal. Consultants outside Australia are paid by Paypal.

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