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Candidate Testimonials

The Touchdown Recruit team was amazing to work with. From first contact through to my final job acceptance, my consultant was available at every step of the journey. I felt encouraged, supported and informed throughout the entire process, and I thank the consultant I worked with for her professionalism, and for always keeping my career aspirations foremost in mind.

Digital Marketing Manager

I secured a new position with a company I had always admired, and Touchdown Recruit played a big part in my success. They were fantastic to deal with throughout the recruitment process, and my consultant made sure I had all the information necessary about both the position and the employer. I highly recommend Touchdown Recruit to other candidates looking for guidance in their search for a new career challenge.

Account Director

I am thrilled with Touchdown Recruit. They are professional, friendly and provided great support throughout my job hunt. The consultant was always accessible and extremely warm and welcoming on every occasion. I would recommend Touchdown Recruit to anyone looking for intelligent, objective advice on a future career move, particularly when it comes to considering a move overseas. I’m super grateful to them for playing a key part in helping me achieve a job in my dream career, and in a dream location.

Sportsbook Trader

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at Touchdown Recruit at all stages of the recruitment process. My consultant presented me with several development opportunities and provided lots of information about the roles and the locations. I was given plenty of helpful advice and feedback, and in the end, it helped close the deal to get me the job that I was looking for. They even helped me negotiate a better salary package, which I really appreciated!

HTML5 Developer

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