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The gambling & gaming industry is growing year on year. This is largely attributed to the rapid technological advancements, and to an increasing proportion of the population having access to the relevant technologies. The expanding availability of online gaming means more people than ever before are seeking out the convenience of betting and gaming options on their smartphone. This translates into many more opportunities for professionals wishing to grow their careers within this industry.

So, now more than ever, working in the gaming industry is a viable and exciting career choice. As recruitment specialists in the gaming and gambling sectors, Touchdown Recruit notes the following areas and job roles are on offer to candidates looking for employment in today’s increasingly mobile and digital iGaming environment:


Affiliate Management
Brand Management
CRM & Retention
Product Management
Public Relations & Communications
Digital Marketing
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Ops & Management

Senior Management
Trading & Risk
Fraud & Security
Payment Processing
Customer Service & Support

IT & Technical

Software development
Software QA & Testing
Design – UI/UX
Hardware & Infrastructure
Business Analysis
Project Management

Business Development

Account Management
Commercial Management
Player Development

Relocation can also be a great option for those looking to seek out new opportunities and push their career to the next level. The iGaming industry is thriving in certain locations, and often companies located in these countries need to fish for qualified candidates from talent pools overseas. With our industry knowledge, Touchdown Recruit are equipped to advise you on your options for relocation, and to explain the potential benefits, as well as any issues that you may encounter as you embark on this journey.

In Europe, iGaming regulation is well advanced with a number of territories such as the UK, Malta, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man already permitting and regulating e-gambling, and these jurisdictions host a number of e-gambling companies which account for a large share of the world’s e-gambling market.

At Touchdown Recruit, we recruit for different sectors and level of positions. Here, we outline some of the top iGaming hubs that we work with:

The United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most established online gaming industries, and is the home base of iGaming, the place where it all started. A large number of companies still have offices here, including bwin.party, Unibet, Gala Coral, Playtech, Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes, BetFred, as well as several major software providers.

There are many advantages to working in the UK’s iGaming industry, including a licensing structure that operates to prevent many types of problem gambling, and enforces a fair and equitable online gaming experience for consumers. Opportunities to work in poker, sports betting, casino games, online slots, bingo, and even daily fantasy sports exist.

Living in London can be both a wonderful and intimidating experience. One of the many benefits about living in London is that there really is no need to drive a car. Most Londoners use the efficient public transport network of underground trains, known as ‘The Tube’, buses and overground trains. It’s the most culturally diverse region in the UK, and one of the most delightful advantages of this is the wonderful choice of food on offer.

While the UK is notoriously expensive, the cost of living can be worth it if you take advantage of the city’s many historic attractions and cultural appeal. It may also be offset somewhat by higher wages than those in the rest of the UK.


Living and working in Malta holds a great many benefits for the expat worker. There are excellent careers for English-speaking professionals, with little compromise on salaries.

Over the past decade Malta has grown to become one of Europe’s main hubs for iGaming. Since regulation passed in 2004, it has allowed online operators to grow their businesses in a safe and operator friendly environment.

Offering both political and financial stability, Malta is a particularly attractive enclave for operators. The EU approves Malta’s remote gaming regulations, plus their licenses are 100% bona fide at official Maltese and EU levels.

However, it’s not just attractive for operators, because lower income tax and cheaper rental prices for accommodation are particularly important factors to consider when thinking about relocating here.

If you’ve ever been curious about island life, Malta is a great place for sea, 6 months of sun, culture, attractions, and all year round events. It’s also a fabulous springboard for further travel within the continent of Europe, if that’s a priority on your bucket list. Plus, there is a well-established expat community, which means you’ll find it relatively easy to find your feet and navigate your way through the relocation process and establish a new circle of English-speaking friends.


Gibraltar’s iGaming industry employs thousands of people representing a major source of employment opportunities. The Licensing Authority grants a variety of different gaming licenses, including online casino, poker, and sports betting, to operators who have a proven track record of good financial standing.

Gibraltar is now home to a good number of international companies who operate in a professional environment not dissimilar to that of the UK. Genuine job prospects exist here now with many of the world’s largest online gaming companies choosing Gibraltar to base their head office.

Working in Gibraltar can be an excellent career choice. Located just 2.5 hours flight time from the UK, and with an average of 300 days of sunshine each year, it’s no surprise that more European expats are catching on to the many benefits of life on the ‘Big Rock’.

Add to this the open border, which means you can live in Spain and work in Gibraltar with ease, and the idea of relocating here becomes infinitely more attractive. Who wouldn’t prefer to swap the crowded train commute for a leisurely walk across the airport runway with a sea view to your left and right?

Overall, in terms of lifestyle change, this is an excellent choice, whether you decide to live in Gib or in a nearby Spanish town.

Consider the following before making a decision either way:

Living in Spain

Pros – Much cheaper than Gibraltar, more living space for the cost, more space to move about in outside of your home, easy access to the rest of Spain with no border crossing.
Cons – Spanish spoken as the primary language, commuting to work, no train service in the local area expect for buses, a need to register your existence with the local authorities.

Living in Gibraltar

Pros – English spoken as primary language, no commute to work, all amenities are within a walkable distance. There is no VAT charged, and that can mean real savings on certain consumer goods.

Cons – more expensive to rent than Spain, flat sizes are smaller, comparatively harder to access Spain in your free time.

Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is one of the most respected licensing jurisdictions for online gaming in Europe, and is “White Listed” by the UK, which allows Isle of Man iGaming licensees to advertise to the UK market.

We must also mention that one of the Isle’s greatest assets is its extremely favourable tax framework, with no capital gains tax, no stamp duty, and a top personal income tax rate of 20%.

Since 2010, the Island has made it legal for operators to carry out non-gambling related tasks such as marketing, disaster recovery, and software development without the need of an Online Gambling Regulation Act 2001 license.

So that in itself has opened up the scope of employment opportunities, particularly for English-speaking professionals keen to develop great careers, with no compromise on salaries compared to the UK. Just remember that island life can be slower than you might be used to, and it can be more expensive too.

Now you’ve considered the pros and cons of relocating carefully and you’re still interested in finding work in the iGaming industry. What next? Well, new jobs are constantly being created in this rapidly growing field, but experts caution that finding the perfect position can sometimes be tricky. Clearly there are advantages to both sides of the coin and different people flourish in different environments – the trick is figuring out which environment is the one is for you.

Touchdown Recruit’s recruiters are well versed in the many pitfalls and advantage of working in gaming or gambling. We are specialist recruiters within the online gaming industry, who are completely focused on our niche market. We are also experts in relocating talented professionals to work in this dynamic, exciting industry in its various major iGaming hubs.

Our candidates should feel free to seek our help when thinking about relocating to further their careers. We will consider each candidate individually, assess your personal needs and ambitions, along with your industry expertise and professional skills before delivering any advice on whether you are a suitable candidate to move abroad and work in an unfamiliar environment.

Relocating for work can be a wonderfully exciting experience, but it can also be a daunting and stressful prospect that is not suited to everyone. We can also provide comprehensive relocation guides for our candidates on request. Please enquire HERE for more information.

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